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To The Single Ladies!! 8 Signs He Is A Cultist

Since it is difficult to spot an individual’s full identity at the first sight, it might not be easy to know a cult guy at the first sight also as there is no inscription (cult) on their forehead

In other not to fall prey of going into relationship with a cult guy while in school or anywhere.

Here is a handy guide on how to identify one.

1. He Won’t Attend Classes Often And Always A Night Crawler:

Cultists don’t like moving around during the day because of the fear of attack from rival group and if they do its usually in group so they can combat any attack.

Since classes are meant to hold during the day, their fear for day movement has disqualified them from attending most classes.

If you find out that he is not always in his hostel at nights and return at the wee hours, be careful he might be a cult guy.

2. The Gang He Roll With

If you discover that your guy has a clique of guys he always roll with, and these guys share unknown symbols, colour, coded word understood by the gang alone etc., then take heed you might be rolling with a cult boss.

3. He Is A Big Fan Of A Specific Colour:

Colours Red, Yellow, Blue etc. are known as identities for many cult groups. If your boyfriend is a passionate fan of any of these colours not just wears but dominantly in other gadgets he uses like wrist band Phone pack, wrist watch, Glasses, etc. Be careful.

4. Strange Tatoos

Yes tattoos, no one is saying only cult guys wear tattoo but many campus guys with tattoo belong to one cult or another. Tattoos like spider, snake, scorpion, axe, cross, etc are typical of them.

5. He Doesn’t Pray Nor Visit Worship Places

Fine, not every student or guys goes to churches or mosques but if your boyfriend has this dislike for going to worship places or praying, my dear be careful you might be dealing with a devil incarnated stone hearted cult guy.

6. He Doesn’t Want People To Know His Apartment:

In taking precaution, cultist don’t like it when people know their apartment because they know when there is crises they will be haunted so they do not let colleagues know their apartment. So if you can’t freely visit your boyfriend at home or you don’t know his apartment, he might be a cultist.

7. He Acts Tough Around People:

Is your guy too tough and doesn’t really tolerate people? There is high tendency that he belongs to a cult groups if he demonstrates high hostility towards people.

8. His Hairstyle:

How does he look? If his hairstyle is weird with long moustaches or he like going totally bald. Chances are that he is a don in the gang.

The above eight points among others tell you that your best friend or boyfriend belong to a cult group.

Note: That your guy has these above mentioned characteristics doesn’t confirm him as a cultist but it’s only a strong pointer of their traits just do your findings and if he has up to four of the above he has a huge chance of being a member.

Posted by on June 24, 2015.


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